How to Determine If You Need Two Weddings Photographers at Your Chicago Wedding

If  you have been wondering if you need a second photographer you are not alone. Initially we would say absolutely not; but there are more factors involved that need to help you make this decision. Any good wedding photographer should be able to handle up to a 250-300 guest wedding easily. When we hire photographers, we make sure that they are very experienced in taking large weddings. If you get an amateur photographer, you cannot expect to get the wedding photo coverage you deserve.

A professional wedding photographer knows how to move around and get the different angled shots he needs. He or she also knows all of the important shots to get. This includes the wedding party group, the parents, the cake, the bouquet throwing, the garter tossing, alter shots, wedding ring shots, etc. The only time that we would really recommend getting a second photographer at your wedding, is if you are very concerned about the amount of guest coverage you will get. Remember, one photographer is only one photographer. He can’t be in two places at the same time. This does not mean that he can’t get pre-ceremony wedding photos of both the bride and the groom before the ceremony. If a bride is getting ready in a hotel in downtown Chicago, he/she will be there first to get the pictures of her getting ready as well as her shots when she is done. This is also the time when he will get pictures with her and her bridesmaids and family. Then he will go over to the church or reception hall (wherever the ceremony will be held) and round up groom and the groomsmen and his family for pictures before the ceremony begins.

Good & experienced photographers will always prioritize getting the important pictures of the bride & groom and their wedding party first.  This means that while he/she is focusing on you and your family and your wedding party, he won’t be off taking pictures of your guests. After he gets the needed shots and and knows that he won’t miss anything important, he or she can go get more pictures of your wedding guests. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a good professional wedding ph you will always have wedding photographs of your guests no matter what.  Even if it is just one photographer. In fact most experienced  photographers are great at getting guest coverage. The question is; do you want more? If you want tons of pictures of your guests, then we would recommend getting a second photographer. Otherwise, one of our photographers will be able to cover your wedding perfectly.. Though it varies from  state to state, most photography studios here in Illinois will charge you a minimum of $1800.00 for 2 photographers! What I mean to say is, in the end it is up to you. How important is it to you? Do you want to pay the extra amount? Can you pay the extra amount? After all, this is your wedding, your day & your money!

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