A Wedding Photographer’s Top Four Tips For Brides

Selecting an expert wedding photographer is important to getting great pictures, but for perfect pictures, Chicago wedding photographers need some help from the bride. Many of the wedding particulars like the venue and accessories seem minor, but they can have a big impact on the quality of the pictures. For the best wedding photography, Chicago experts have these four tips:

1. Shine With Smiles Not Glare

Small objects have a habit of glaring off other objects, frequently ruining great shots. The board underneath the wedding cake is one of the common places glare occurs. Talk to the bakery about this and ask them to cover the foil with flowers or have them use a different medium to cover the board. Contacts and eyewear also reflect light. To prevent this, have your glasses treated with a non-reflective coating. For wedding activities held in a tent, many Chicago wedding photographers recommend covering the reflective steel with streamers and other materials.

2. Don’t Let Stains Get In The Way

One of the biggest stresses for brides is stains on their beautiful dresses. Most wedding day stains can be removed with a few simple tricks. Real flowers often stain dresses in one of two ways. The water from the stems often gets onto the bride’s dress leaving obvious watermarks behind. To prevent these marks from appearing in wedding photography, Chicago shutterbugs recommend using a matching piece of fabric under the flower stems to absorb the excess water.

Some flowers like lilies contain an abundance of pollen that transfers onto fabric. Many Chicago wedding photographers ask the brides to pull out the center stamens to eliminate it at the source. If you do happen to get pollen on your dress, don’t rub it! Instead, use a piece of tape to gently lift if from the delicate surface.

3. Enjoy The Day

Couples frequently make the mistake of creating a rushed, busy schedule that leaves them feeling completely exhausted half way through the day. For stress free wedding photography, professionals say to plan a longer cocktail hour and try to schedule breaks between the day’s events. This gives everyone time to sit and relax before the next round starts.

4. Plan Stress-Free Photo Sessions

Many people dread the photo sessions because they seem to wait for hours. To make this part of the day run smoothly, plan your must-have photos so that everyone you need for the pictures is there and that the shots are simple. Remember that the more people in a shot and the more complicated a sitting, the longer the session will take. Wedding photographers also suggest having chairs, drinks, and appetizers ready for everyone while they wait. Most of all, allow extra time for the session.

When it comes to wedding photography in Chicago experts will ensure that your wedding day lasts forever. You will be able to relax and enjoy your day rather than worrying about the little things. Whether you live in Orlando or Chicago, wedding photographers will provide you the best pictures possible with these simple tips.

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