Booking a Limo is the First Step to Making a Wedding Unforgettable

As dozens of movies show and as any woman will tell you, a woman’s wedding day is The Big Day. It is essential that you make it special. Or else you’ll hear about your mistake for the rest of your life.

Everyone is excited and stressed on wedding day. Booking a limo in advance will help reduce some of that anxiety. When you book a few weeks or months ahead of time with a reliable company like Stretch Limousine, Inc, the #1 Chicago wedding limo company, you can focus on all of the other things to do that day. You can rest assured when you book with a solid limousine company that your transportation will come on time with a well-groomed, courteous chauffeur. Because the trip is arranged beforehand, the chauffeur already knows where to go so you can focus on the wedding and do not have to worry about the driving.

A long white limousine with decorations pulls up to the stairs of the church. The chauffeur opens the door and the smiling beautiful bride in white steps out onto the red carpet… Most people cannot imagine a wedding without that classic stretched white limousine. It’s not only about showing off your good taste and appreciation for the finer things in life, but also simply the classy choice to make on your wedding day. Your wedding album needs at least ten photos with the wedding limousine in back. No photo is more of a wedding classic than the wedding party standing in front of the limousine.

Not only are limousines essential for classy weddings, wedding limo packages are extremely convenient and cost-effective. Of course, the total price of the limousine may be scary at first but when you compare the value of the limousine package to the cost, you will find that it is in your favor. This is always the case with Stretch Limo Chicago and other quality Chicago limousine services. The best way to see this is to divide the total cost of the wedding limo by how many people are riding in the vehicle. The price may come out to something around $30 per person. A taxi for two people between downtown Chicago and downtown Evanston costs that much! Limousines are really not that expensive when you calculate how much you are paying per person per hour.

Also, when you book your limousine well in advance, the limousine company may give you a discounted rate. If you regularly use the limousine service that you book your wedding limo with, you could try negotiating an even better price. Perhaps the company will give you a discounted rate for transportation after the reception so you don’t have to worry about getting home tired from the party.

With a large limousine, you can fit in dozens of people-literally! One of the largest vehicles in the Chicago limo service company fleet for example comfortably fits 26 people. How else will you transport such a large party with the sophistication a limousine provides?

The free add-ons and other unique features of the wedding limo experience enhance The Big Day. Usually, the limousine service that provides your wedding limo also provides a great deal of extras. The limo’s bar should come with cold drinks like Pepsi, Coke, Sprite and other soft drinks. If everyone in the car is above the age of 21, beer and other types of alcohol will also be provided. On top of all of that, Stretch Limo Chicago for example provides a complimentary bottle of champagne. Isn’t that classy? Drinking champagne from glass flutes in a white stretch limousine on your wedding day… You’re off to a great start with your newlywed!

The car is decorated according to your specifications. The minimum is a red carpet for the royal treatment and “Just Married” signs on the car. The car can also be made festive with decorations of your choice of one or two colors, most commonly the colors corresponding to the dresses of the bridesmaids. There are so many perks to booking a limousine with a trusted company.

Limousines are, of course, only a part – but a very important part – of the story, just like the actual wedding day is only a part of the event of “getting married.” Be sure not to forget to book a limousine for all of the other events surrounding the wedding. The maid of honor would do the party good if she booked a limousine for transportation for the bachelorette party. The best man could get all the groomsmen into a party bus (featuring a stripper pole, hint hint) for the bachelor party. You could rent a party bus for the wedding party. A limousine service of quality will be able to offer you all types of solutions for all your transportation needs.

You’re getting married – there are so many opportunities to screw up along the road but by booking a limousine for your wedding, you’re eliminating one of them. To book a limousine for your wedding in the Chicagoland area, try a trusted company. Remember, romance begins with a limousine…

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