Wedding Photography – To Peek Or Not to Peek, That is the Question

Whether or not to see each other is one of the most common decisions a wedding photographer sees between a groom and bride-to-be. Some prefer the intimacy of meeting together before the wedding while others prefer the surprise of seeing each other at opposite ends of the aisle. When it comes to wedding photography, both situations are good and not so good. The couple even has a few options that make for unique images you won’t soon forget.

Keeping It Hidden

All superstitions aside, waiting until the ceremony to see each other creates some truly magical moments that both of you will remember for years to come. An expression instantly creeps into the bride and groom’s face that can never be recreated. It might also keep grandmothers from having a fit.

Unfortunately, it can cut down on the images the wedding photographer is able to capture. With only one camera, the photographic expert needs to work quickly and efficiently in order to catch images of the bride and groom’s initial reaction. One way around it is to have two cameras with one shooting the groom and the other getting images of the bride.

Taking A Peek Before The Ceremony

Some couples just don’t want to wait until the event to see each other. Contrary to some traditional beliefs, this isn’t a crime and will not cause them to divorce. Many couples use these ‘stolen’ moments as a chance to relieve the worries of the day. To them, sharing this moment in private has far more meaning to them. There is no doubt that seeing each other before the wedding causes the reaction at the ceremony to diminish, but that doesn’t mean that initial look will be missed in the wedding photography.

The two can arrange to meet earlier in a garden, a private room, or even outside of the venue. Those who would still like to share this moment inside the venue with their closest family members can choose to have immediate family sit in the front while the two meet in the aisle before the event starts. The wedding photography can capture these moments while not detracting from the mood by simply having the expert work at a distance.

Meet In The Middle

It is still possible to share a private moment before the big moment without spoiling the surprise. For a wedding photographer, this can sometimes be a far better scenario. The pair could meet on the opposite sides of a large piece of fabric with only a small hole, talk to each other with a door in between, or even meet blindfolded. The possibilities are endless. It is a great way to add a little bit of fun and creativity to the situation.

For all couples, whether the couple is from a small town or a big city like Chicago wedding photographer or videographers don’t sway one direction or the other. What truly matters is how the two of you would like the day to unfold. When all is said and done, the wedding photography will be just as special and unique as the couple is.


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